Epigenetics and Why to Implement these Anti-Aging Strategies Now!

EpigeneticsScientists have been studying the relationship between Epigenetics and anti-aging for some time now.

Epigenetics is the study of how our genes express themselves. We can turn our genes off or on, related to our inherited individual risks, depending upon outside influences such as diet, lifestyle and environment.
For centuries, people have been searching for the famed Fountain of Youth in their attempt to seek the ultimate anti-aging method when all they had to do was Look Within, that’s epigenetics. Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was said to have been searching for the famed fountain of youth when he discovered Florida in the 16th century. It’s ironic that Florida is a large retirement destination for many Americans today.

The Role Nutrigenomics Plays with your Epigenetics

Another important plan to extend your life is eating right for your genome or nutrigenomics. Scientists say we are a few years away from getting precise individual eating plans from DNA tests. However, I see it this way,by eating the broadest spectrum of epigenetic or nutrigenomic foods now , we can effect our epigenetics by literally turning off our bad genes to prevent pre-mature aging and disease and activate the good genes that will extend our lives. Tests show that in as little as three months, even cancer can be reversed in our bodies. So, what are examples of nutrigenomic foods that effect your epigenetics you ask? Here are some great examples; Tumeric, cinnamon, green tea, replacing sugar with stevia, berries, and dark organic chocolate are all foods we should consider eating on a regular basis.

Stress Reduction and the Positive Effect it has on your Epigenetics

There are strategies that you can put in place right now to extend your health and your life. One of them is stress reduction. Arguably one of the most important in youth span extension since stress effects cortisol and blood pressure levels. Getting adequate sleep, exercises like yoga, humor, vacations, massage, connecting with nature and simply downsizing your life and more can all be implemented to reduce stress levels and improve your epigenetics.

Hara Hachi Bu for You

Caloric restriction studies have been done inadvertently on people throughout history who have undergone famines or famine-type situations. Other research done on worms, flies and mice show that diets providing adequate nutrition but limiting caloric intake increases life expectancy and decreases diseases unique to aging. The people of Okinawa, an island in Japan, practice Hara Hachi Bu or eating till your 80% full and therefore have healthier epigenetics. They live seven years longer than their American counterparts on average and are more physically active well throughout their senior years.

How Healthy is Resveratrol in Red Wine, Is It the Anti-Aging King?

It is unclear how healthy or unhealthy red wine is and how much alcohol one should drink. What is clear is that resveratrol extends the healthy lifespan of obese mice. Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red wine. What was really fascinating was the resveratrol actually reversed the negative effects of a high saturated fat diet on these mice. They not only lost weight but their liver, hearts, motor skills, and insulin sensitivity was just as good as their healthy counterpart mice that were fed a healthy low fat diet. High concentrations of Resveratrol have been shown to kill cancer cells, reduce inflammation and turn on the SIRT-1 Gene which is the longevity gene which in turn extends our life span. Who wouldn’t want another 5 to 10 years added to their life span that are filled with vitality and not illness?

So, instead of reaching for a bag of chips and a soda, grab an apple instead and have a bottle of spring water. Your body will thank you and in turn reward you and your children with healthier epigenetics and a longer life span for making smarter choices!

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Cheers to your health!

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