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Conventional medicine continues to deny the role of homocysteine. They still say there’s no proven value to lowering your levels if they’re elevated. It’s surprising because we have so much evidence that high homocysteine levels are associated with higher rates of heart disease.

That’s something they’re resisting even though we know it’s true. But today I want to talk to you about something else… something new that almost no one talks about.

High homocysteine levels could mean the loss of your independence as you age and who wants that?


The irony is that monitoring homocysteine and keeping it in check is easy to do. High homocysteine levels correlate to overwhelming your antioxidant system. Normally, antioxidants remove homocysteine. However, you can become depleted of antioxidants, either because you’re using them up too fast or you’re not getting enough of them through what you eat every day.

When your depleted of antioxidants, homocysteine builds up, and gets released into your blood. And this is where the trouble can start. Too much can damage the delicate lining of your blood vessels. And that can lead to heart disease. And now we have new evidence on homocysteine’s other negative effects. Too much can also dramatically limit your mobility and make it very tough to get around.

Three separate studies show elevated homocysteine can weaken your legs, reduce how fast you walk, and put you at risk for disability as you age.

• In the Einstein Aging Study, they found that the higher your homocysteine levels are, the faster your ability to move declines.

• The MacArthur Aging study looked at the relationship between homocysteine levels and almost every kind of movement – balance, speed of walking, lower body strength and coordination, and manual dexterity. Researchers found that increased homocysteine levels make you more likely to be in the group suffering from the biggest decline in physical function.

• Another study showed that people with high homocysteine levels were more than twice as likely to become disabled as those with the lowest level.

The trick is to give your body’s antioxidant system the right boost so your homocysteine stays low, and doesn’t build up in your blood where it causes damage. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do. A simple blood test will tell you if your levels are high. Safe and healthy homocysteine levels are at 7 or below.

There isn’t a  single case of elevated homocysteine that couldn’t be corrected with the right combination of raw fruits and vegetables and natural supplements. Taking the following supplements on a daily basis would help keep your levels in that safe range. You can find these at your local health-food store:

• TMG (Trimethylglycine) – 1000 mg

• Vitamin B12 – 500 mcg

• Vitamin B6 – 50 mg

• Folic acid (B9) – 800 mcg

And even better way to get daily protection against rising homocysteine levels is by taking one of the two best antioxidant formulations on the planet, Jus or GO Nutrition by HAVVN. The GO Stick Pack is the best antioxidant would could put in your body. You simply mix the stick pack in 12-14 ounces of water and enjoy. What you get is Quercetin, Fisetin, CoQ10, Curcumin, Tumeric and the Resveratrol equivalent of 100 – 8 oz. glasses of red wine along with 18 Superfoods. In addition, you also get B Complex, Vitamin C and other essential vitamins in just one GO Stick Pack. One GO Stick pack is the equivalent of eating 9-12 cups of organic fruits and vegetables a day!

And in one ounce of Jus, the world’s leading liquid nutritional, you would get 23 Superfoods and the resveratrol equivalent of 35 – 8 oz. glasses of red wine. That’s the equivalent of 4-6 cups of organic fruits and vegetables in just one ounce.

You can find out more information and also order these products here by clicking this link;

Epigenetic Products!

Talk about the american dream, get up in the morning and down an ounce of Jus or enjoy a GO Stick pack and your are covered for the day with all the antioxidant protection you will need. This will keep your homocysteine levels in check, keep your body feeling and looking good, keep your heart healthy and your energy levels through the roof!

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Cheers to your health!

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