Why Are People Reactive versus Proactive When it Comes to Their Health?

Quality Nutrition
Healthy versus Obese

It’s astonishing to me at how many people eat processed food which lacks any kind of quality nutrition, do not exercise, rely on medications to alleviate their aches and pains and then wonder why their health is in jeopardy!

This is in fact the “perfect storm” leading to a health crisis. It is only a matter of time until their bodies will start to break down, some sooner than others, as everyone’s immune system is different and how that relates to their overall state of health. Our bodies are amazing creations! They are designed to survive at all costs that is until they just can’t deal with the lack of quality nutrition & what we put them through and disease sets in.

The fact is, processed food (fast food, in a can or box), has zero nutrition. One will never get quality nutrition from eating processed foods.

Our bodies will supplement and steal nutrients from all over our being to compensate from our lack of quality nutrition. This is what breaks our bodies down over time. In our teens and twenties we can get away with this because we are at our peak in terms of all natural internal nutrient production. As we enter our thirties and forties, the natural production of hormones and nutrients dramatically decline. Why is this important to understand? Because if we aren’t ingesting quality nutrition, our bodies which are already in short supply of key nutrients, will start to rob Peter to pay Paul and poor health becomes commonplace.

I believe people have truly forgotten what the purpose of food and quality nutrition really is, fuel for the body to operate at optimal capacity.

Instead people settle for what they think “tastes good” in place of what is truly good for them. You are in fact what you eat, unfortunately convenience seems to win out over quality nutrition. So, by not eating quality nutrition, aches and pain start to set in, mental fogginess, fatigue, depression, weight gain, etc…you get the picture. And then what do we do when those effects become real, we go to the doctor and get a prescription for a pill that makes us seemingly feel better…What a joke!

We have become conditioned to believe that if we can’t eat pizza, or fries or have meat everyday, then we are somehow depriving ourselves and “missing out”. How sad is that! Quality nutrition does not come from pizza, fries or processed and hormone injected meat, it comes from what god provided for us, good old fruits & vegetables with some raw organic nuts thrown in there as well. That’s quality nutrition. That’s the kind of quality nutrition that will keep disease at bay and keep us feeling 15-20 years younger instead of feeling our age or older.

I’m 45 years old and feel like I’m 22 all over again, why? Because I get quality nutrition in my body every day. I never have to “diet” because I eat properly, my weight never fluctuates more than a pound or two as a result and that does a body wonders. If people would just take the time to educate themselves on how to eat properly and ingest quality nutrition, they could once and for all take control of their health and well being.

I’d like to share a wonderful resource I found years ago that got my started on my journey to “raw food”, Kristen’s Raw. Kristen is amazing and provides someone who knows nothing about raw food the basics to get started and takes you through a complete education. You will be amazed at just how delicious raw food can be. Kristen will set you up for success, here is a link to her website.

Kristen’s Raw Website

I like to look at it this way, what if you were told that the car you have today will be the last car you will ever own, how would you treat it? Would you wash it every week instead of every 6 months? Would you get the oil changed every 3,000 miles on the button rather than letting it go? I think you would. Well, you only have one body, why not start to treat it better and fill it with quality nutrition, it’s the only one you will ever have.

Don’t be like the majority of american’s who “react” once they have a health crisis, be “proactive” now and start getting quality nutrition in your body and live a life full of vitality!

We invest in homes, vacation homes, the stock market, gold, silver, and cars but so few people really invest in themselves. It’s time to take control of your health by investing in your well being! It’s time to commit to getting quality nutrition in your body, every day, that is the path to living free of pain, medication and disease!

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Cheers to your health!

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