Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease in 12 Minutes a Day, Guaranteed!

Who do think think has a better chance of lowering their risk of heart disease, a Sprinter or a Marathoner? The answer may surprise you, hint, it’s not the guy who has to run 26.2 miles….let me explain.

interval training sprinter
interval training builds muscle
Long duration cardio
Cardio tears muscle down









Just look at these photo’s and that will tell you part of the story. Short bursts of intense exercise create a tremendous fat burning machine in your body versus long duration cardio that tends to be boring, time consuming and over time starts to break your body down at many levels.

It has been proven that interval training will in fact lower your risk of heart disease.

Many of today’s greatest athletes know the secret. Carl Lewis, the winner of 9 Olympic gold medals, credits interval training – the basis of the PACE® program by Dr. Al Sears – for his record-breaking career. He even recommends it to non-athletes who want to reach their highest potential.

The concept is simple: Short periods of exertion followed by short periods of rest. But the PACE® program takes it two important steps further…

PACE® stands for: Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion which puts you on a fast track to lowering your risk of heart disease.

By increasing the intensity and varying the duration of each interval according to the program, your heart and lungs get the right challenge they need to transform and stay fit and strong – well beyond the age of 100! This in effect makes interval training or the PACE Program, a program that effects your epigenomes in a very positive way. Healthy epigenomes mean disease & pre-mature aging prevention as well as a lower risk of heart disease.

Where long-duration exercise causes your heart and lungs to shrink, PACE® does just the opposite. PACE® builds up reserve capacity in your heart (the only way to avoid a heart attack) and triggers the expansion of your lungs (your ticket to a long, disease-free life). How cool is that! You no longer have to spend hours doing long duration boring cardio which eats away at your lean muscle mass and can cause heart disease.

Now, in 12-15 minutes 3-4 times a week you can perform PACE and create a fat burning furnace in your body while at the same time start to pack on that lean muscle mass and help prevent heart disease. Now you are spending less time exercising, getting far better results, lowering your risk of heart disease, expanding your lung capacity and becoming more productive or just having more time to spend with family and friends instead of pounding the pavement for an hour. Check out the PACE Program here;

Dr. Al Sears PACE Program

Since I have started interval training, my weight has never fluctuated more than a pound or two. I have more natural energy and I’m in the best shape of my life. Although my dad had heart disease, I’m ensuring this never becomes a part of my life!

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Cheers to your health!

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