Sources Of Vitamin D Plays A Major Role In Your Overall Health

Sources of Vitamin D
The Purest Form Of Vitamin D

Choosing the proper sources of Vitamin D is critical to your overall health because it actually influences over 2,000 of our total body’s 30,000 genes!

How crazy is that? The proper sources of Vitamin D also help support your immune system, help the regulation of insulin by your pancreas and contributes to your heart and blood pressure regulation as well as muscle strength and brain activity. How’s that for an all star line up!

Twenty years ago less than 2% of the population was Vitamin D deficient, today it’s closer to 85%!!! The media an some so called experts continue to pound on the fact that the sun is bad for you and to stay out of it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We, as humans, absolutely need the sun. It is important as water to our long term health.

The reason the statistics have risen dramatically with people being vitamin D deficient is two fold. First, you are not getting enough natural sun exposure and second, chem trails...Chem Trails, in case you haven’t heard this term, they are real and destructive!

My Take On Sources Of Vitamin D

Proper Sources Of Vitamin D

The number one option as far as effective sources of vitamin D is the SUN! You should try as much as possible to get in the sun anywhere from 10-15 minutes a day and you want 40% of your skin exposed to the sun. Try 5 minutes on your back and 5 minutes on your front and build up your tolerance naturally. Do not use sunscreen. Ninety nine percent of sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that get absorbed into your bloodstream.

Your second option in the proper sources of vitamin D is a safe tanning bed. They do exist but you have to do your research. I have done the research and found a great option for you, click here to view. The great thing is you can have one in the comfort of your own home, especially for those of you on the East Coast!

The third option in the proper sources of vitamin D is a high quality vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D3 is a natural human form and the one you want to go with. Stay away from the synthetic and highly inferior vitamin D2.

Sources Of Vitamin D – How Do You Know What Your Levels Are?

It would be wise to have your vitamin D level tested. This is best done from a nutritionally oriented physician. It is very important that they order the correct test. The advantage of having your medical doctor perform the test is that it will usually be covered by your medical insurance.

Click Here for the correct test!

Sources Of Vitamin D I Take Personally

Nature’s Answer id the brand I use for me and my family. It has the proper sources of vitamin d, which is vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in the natural human form. Beyond that, Nature’s Answer contains no salt, corn, sugar, milk or preservatives and is fish free! It comes in liquid form which is easily absorbed into the body and only requires two drops in your morning smoothy, juice, oatmeal, etc. Nothing could be simpler. Two drops gives you 4,000 IU’s, an optimal daily dose.

You can order this on a website my wife and I love,  and receive a tremendous savings. Nature’s Answer is usually a $17.95 product, on Iherb it’s only $9.17. And if you plug in our Iherb code (CUR067) at checkout, it will save you another $5.00 bringing your total cost to only $4.17 plus shipping, sweet!

Sources of Vitamin D 

So basically, a $5.00 investment in your health of natural Vitamin D3 can not only help prevent the flu but also and more importantly cancer and a whole host of other diseases!

Getting the proper sources of vitamin D is so vitally important to your health as it can impact up to 36 organs in your body, take action now and order yours, cheers to your health!

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Cheers to your health!

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