Are Your Vitamins Killing You?


Vitamins Should Come From Food

Choosing to take vitamins and mineral supplements should only happen when you know that your meals are not providing enough of these. In essence all your nutritional needs should be met by what you eat, if this is not the case then your diet needs to be analyzed and adjusted but if for some reason you cannot eat certain foods due to intolerance or allergy, then it is advisable to supplement your diet with recommended products for balance. Buying vitamins and mineral supplements from a grocery store or in bulk will definitely not sustain your needs and cause more harm as they could contain toxic ingredients and chemicals!

Toxic Ingredients In Vitamins

There are plenty of cheap synthetic vitamins available that do not offer any nutritional value as they are not absorbed by the body. Synthetic forms of ‘Vitamin E’, ‘Vitamin A’ or even ‘Vitamin C’ are not equivalent to their namesakes and do not offer any benefits. These so-called supplements are advertised relentlessly and those who are not fully aware are poisoning their bodies and setting themselves up for chronic diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. In other words these vitamins and supplements are mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Beware Of ‘Other Ingredients’ In Vitamins

Most synthetic vitamins contain ‘other ingredients’ such as sodium benzoate, silicon or titanium dioxide, talc, dyes, carnauba wax, methyl-cellulose, artificial sweeteners and animal parts. If these supplements are supposed to make you feel better and healthier, is there any reason why it contains these toxic ingredients? You may think you are doing what’s right by taking additional vitamins but you should be aware of the ‘other ingredients’ that most contain.

Did you know that children’s vitamins are full of artificial ingredients, food dyes and possible carcinogenic chemicals? Because these supplements are aimed at children, they are brightly colored, fruit-flavored and sweet like candy! They contain glucose syrup, aspartame, Yellow #6, Blue #2 and Red #40. As we well know aspartame is a neurotoxin! Would you intentionally poison your children? Findings show that children that exposed to these additives are more likely to suffer from ADHD or make it worse in those that already have it.

One big brand produced by Pfizer contains so many toxic chemicals, it will make your head spin! It contains: Yellow #6, hydrogenated palm oil, pre-gelatinized corn starch, silicon dioxide, maltodextrin and modified food starch just to name a few!  My opinion, before you buy anything from this company, look carefully at the ingredients listed. Instead of living a longer, healthier life you may just end up dying prematurely of an illness caused by your vitamins!

Buy Vitamins Of Quality Rather Than Quantity

Before you make the decision to buy vitamins and supplements, question the ingredients. Analyze them for ingredients that cannot be absorbed. Check if the product is Organic and how long it has been on the market.  I recommend that you try what I personally use, Rockin’ Wellness .  Rockin’ Wellness is 100% homemade, nothing artificial and no preservatives. What you get in just pure Rockin’ Wellness delivering nutrients that your body needs to prevent disease. I would also like to advise that if you are on medication of any kind, you should first consult with your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements.

There are also several ‘whole food supplements’ available from companies like Standard Process, Metagenics and Douglas Labs. They are safe and of high quality ingredients. While vitamins, minerals or whole food supplements may help to bridge the nutritional gap, they are just an additional source and should not replace eating a healthy diet full of vegetable and fruit. If you would like to be healthier and live longer, get your vitamins and minerals directly from the source, nature…

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