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Dr. Meinig’s Root Canal Cover-Up

The Root Canal Cover-up is book written by Dr. George E. Meinig, DDS, FACD and focuses attention on the 25 years of extensive and thorough research conducted by Dr. Weston A. Price on root canal therapy and how it affects people who suffer from infections. Dr. Price is a well-known and respected Dental Research Specialist. He noticed how so many people suffering from degenerative diseases did not respond well to treatment and found that the reason for this was the result of infection after undergoing a root canal treatment.



Bacterium In Root Canal Filled Teeth Hinders Recovery

Dr. Price discovered that people who suffered from endocarditis, kidney and bladder diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, mental diseases, lung problems and other degenerative diseases only responded to treatment after the tooth with the root canal was extracted. This was because bacteria like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Spirochetes were active in the root filled teeth. Dr. Price’s findings have now been confirmed by bacteriologists as accurate.

Even though the equipment used for the procedure is sterilized, an infection sets in shortly after a root canal treatment has been performed and the bacteria, causing the infection, mutates. They actually grow more vicious and poisonous. The bacterium which is trapped in the roots of the teeth are able to penetrate the dentin, which covers and protects the tooth, and passes into the bloodstream through tiny holes in the filling of the tooth.

How Sterile Is The Equipment Used In A Root Canal?

We would like to believe that all equipment used in root canal treatments are sterile but Dr. Price found that after 24-48 hours the disinfecting chemicals lose their disinfecting ability. Even extracted teeth, which were heat sterilized, did not remain sterile. It is also disturbing to discover that even the bones of the jaw and the area surrounding the tooth is infected by the bacteria.

Blood Changes Occur After Root Canal Therapy

Even though scientific literature showed no blood changes in people after root canal therapy, Dr. Price was not convinced. After performing extensive tests, Dr. Price learned the following:

  • There was an increase in Lymphocytes
  • There was a decrease in Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes, a form of white blood cells
  • The Hemoglobin levels either rose or fell
  • Hemophilia, a tendency to hemorrhage occurred
  • Increased amounts of sugar were found in the blood
  • There was increase in uric acid and nitrogen retention
  • Acidosis occurred due to Alkaline reserves decreasing
  • Weight loss in some people

Infection Caused By Root Canal Therapy Compromises The Immune System

Dr. Price studied three different types of root end infections; granulomas, cysts, and condensing osteitis in over 1400 patients who had undergone root canal therapy. He found that when pus was present very few bacteria were present, no matter how large an area was involved. He interpreted this to mean that the immune system was in control of the infection process. Furthermore, he found these patients to be in relatively good overall health without systemic illnesses.

On the other hand, the condensing osteitis cases proved to be quite different. In depth studies and patient histories revealed these individuals suffered more serious consequences from their infections caused by root canal therapy; the immune system was not in control of the infection process, and the body was trying to wall off the infected area with dense bone to contain the infection. However, the tissue at the root end was incapable of controlling the bacterial growth in these cases, and consequently some bacteria escaped through the blood stream and set up diseases in other areas of the body.

Removing The Infected Root Canal Filled Tooth Solves The Problem

The organisms that cause dental infections generally do not attack specific organs or tissues. If it does target a specific set of tissues or organ, usually that tissue is already compromised and the patient is experiencing difficulties in that tissue or has experienced prior difficulties. When the cause of an illness is an infection from a tooth due to a root canal and the infected tooth is removed, the problem usually disappears.

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