Dr Otto Warburg Discovered The Cause And Cure For Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg, tDr. Otto Warburghe 1931 Nobel Prize Winner for cancer discovery, stated that “no disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” 

It was my understanding that he discovered cancer but what blew me away was he actually discovered the cause which, in my opinion, is even more valuable than discovering cancer. Many doctors and scientists have identified a problem, a disease, or a tumorous lump growing on someone for example and then labeling it a disease.

The cause of that disease is even more important and significant than the disease itself if you truly want to prevent or eliminate it. The good doctors work came to be known as the “Warburg Effect” or the “Warburg Hypothesis” which stated that cancer cells live off sugar (glycolysis). Dr. Otto Warburg stated that the cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment. Based on this, it would lead one to believe that the opposite being an “oxygen rich” environment would help to reverse the cancer growth.

Dr. Otto Warburg one of the most important people in our history when it comes to cancer and how to treat it properly, while doing no harm to the body.

Most people have no idea who this man is though, why do you think that is? Is it because of what he has to say about cancer and about disease in general? It’s obvious to me that the medical industry and big pharma wouldn’t want the Dr. Warburg’s findings being part of the cirriculum used in schools as they would be learning the truth!

Dr. Otto Warburg’s discoveries went down one path, one where the immune system is boosted so it allows the body to heal itself at the root cause of what is ailing it.

This particular path does no harm to the body and disease doesn’t have a chance. The medical community choose to take a different path, one where the body is burned, poisoned and cut or better known as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

This conventional method of cut, burn and poison has not changed in decades, especially since the “war on cancer” was declared in the early seventies, nor has the results!

And, the statisitcs have not improved from people undergoing these deadly treatments! How could they, these treatments actually cause cancer. Then we have large organizations that take your money for the potential of a ‘cure’ or to walk wearing pink shirts, what have the BILLIONS of dollars that have poured into these companies for research produced?

Dr. Otto WarburgThey have produced nothing but attempts from large pharmatuectical companies trying to patent a synthetic cure for cancer and other diseases, all have failed! Why, because you will never be able to heal the body from something synthetic. What need to be doing, is studying Dr. Otto Warburg’s discoveries much more closely and putting them into use for people around the globe.

The good news is, many quality doctor’s have been and are doing this today, helping people save themselves . The reason you don’t know about this is because the american main stream media is bought and this will never make it on primetime.  I personally know a few of these wonderful doctors, such as Dr. Thomas Lodi and Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who have helped people heal themselves from cancer in many forms.

Fred Kaufman is another one of these wonderful people showing people how they can heal themselves. The way Fred talks reminds me of what Dr. Otto Warburg used to say, that disease can’t survive in an alkaline rich environment. Fred talks alot about alkaline water benefits and I for one am a believer. Watch Fred here share with you his vast experience over the last 45 years and provide an answer so simple, it just gets overlooked!

Dr. Otto Warburg was a brilliant man and I truly hope one day, his genius will become known around the world and as a result, people on this planet will be thriving while diseases of all kinds are on the decline!



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