What Does Drinking Water Do For Your Body

what does drinking water do for your bodySo, what does drinking water do for you body?

Well, it keeps us alive for one. What does drinking water do for your body is a question I come across a lot. Drinking water has pages and pages of benefits but my favorite reason is it makes me feel fantastic! If I’m not drinking water, I feel weary, slow-moving and also my thoughts are not clear.

My daily water regimen is a gallon a day. When I drink that quantity, I have the tendency to be much sharper, have a lot more energy, feel less hungry and a big thing for me as I live in Arizona, is my skin doesn’t feel completely dry and itchy.

Drinking water just helps me feel so much better. It will absolutely help quicken your metabolic process. Conversely, when you drink sports beverages, your overloading on sugar and not so healthy chemicals. By drinking that amount of sugar, its the same as you eating a slice of pizza or downing a candy bar. Supplement those sports drinks with water, quicken your metabolic rate and also drop weight.

Take the time to look at the active ingredients on the labels on the back on those sports drinks. The phosphoric acid in those drinks will pull the nutrients out of your body and those nutrients are exactly what your body needs to flourish! You wind up purging all those nutrients you to function normally out of your body during urination and you wind up with a sugar dump.

Insulin is then generated to manage the sugar and transforms it right into fat. And fat loves to go right to your stomach. What’s amusing is most individuals want to burn body fat and lose weight, yet they drink these soft drinks and sports beverages. The easy solution is quit consuming those drinks, stop already!

What Does Drinking Water Do For Your Body By Drei Carnes Founder Of BodyFly Fitness

Now, I could literally write a book on all the positive things water does for your body, however, the other side of the coin is not so pretty! Being dehydrated is incredibly destructive to your health. Most people don’t even realize they are dehydrated until it’s to late, they wait until they feel thirsty and that’s the first sign that you are already dehydrated! Be proactive, don’t wait, drink your water every day, all throughout the day.

Being chronically dehydrated actually can mimic and cause over 200 different diseases in the body like fatigue,  high blood pressure, skin disorders, etc. Can you see how being chronically dehydrated can lead more elderly people straight to pharmaceuticals for high blood pressure when in reality they just need to drink more water.

Don’t let this be you or your family members, it’s really unnecessary when you think about it. Drinking water is easy and there is no excuse that is acceptable for not drinking it as it’s everywhere. There are far greater things in life to focus on that are more challenging like feeding people who are malnourished.

Set some daily goals on your water consumption and stay hydrated my friends!

Cheers to your health!

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