Hi, I’m Russ Curran and I’m a Health and Wellness Coach, Author, and CEO of Look Within a health and wellness company.

I’m also the owner of this website, Epigenetics and Nutrition which was designed to help you on your way to restoring your health and thrive in life!

I’m here to help people gain true health and optimal wellness based on the science of Epigenetics. The science of Epigenetics has proved that you can influence your genetics, turning the good genes on and keeping the bad genes turned off!

I have found my life’s purpose and that is to help, coach & mentor others to achieve true health and live life with vitality! I’m married to my beautiful wife, Kathy and we were blessed with our daughter, Sofia.

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Here is a brief video about my Epigenetics and Nutrition site and the resources I provide that are designed to help improve your overall health and well-being.

I have dedicated just short of two decades of my life to researching cancer, what it is, how it manifests and how to beat it the natural alternative way. You don’t have to follow the traditional method we continue to use in the US which is cut, burn and poison or better known as Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy.

This destroys your immune system which is your body’s natural defense system. When your defenses are down, you open yourself up to anything, disease has free reign. Learn how to build and support your immune system right here on Epigenetics and Nutrition so disease never has a chance to take up residency.

I devoted the time and effort to this because my Mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2000. They cut out ¾ of her right lung and gave her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Less than two months later, cancer spread to her brain.

Luckily, they only found one small tumor and after some more surgery and more radiation she was home for Christmas. I will never forget what my mother’s oncologist said to us right after her original diagnosis. He said and I quote, “nutrition has nothing to do with cancer”. Needless to say after hearing that come out of his mouth, he was no longer my mother’s doctor! His words started me on my journey!

Support The Immune System don’t Tear It Down With Conventional Treatments

Those treatments my mom went through tore her body up, destroyed her immune system and erased her short-term memory. I quickly learned that Doctors have only “one hour” of nutritional training in all of their years of schooling, one hour!!

I’m not bashing Doctor’s, I’m stating a fact. When it comes to broken bones and lifesaving surgery, a skilled physician is needed. However, when it comes to nutrition, I took control of my own personal health and my mother’s health and we healed her body from the inside out, the all-natural way!

Every treatment, resource, the Doctors and Clinics we partnered with to conquer her cancer and the nutrition my mom consumed are all contained right here on my Epigenetics and Nutrition website.

I really knew nothing about cancer or nutrition back in 2000 and dedicated myself to finding answers and better ways to treat the human body than what I saw my mother go through. I took action. I have read over 200 of the best books on nutrition, health, wellness and how the body works and what it needs from a nutritional standpoint on a daily basis to prevent disease.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell Interviewed me on his National Radio Program

The famed Dr. Leonard Coldwell interviewed me on his National Radio Show. Dr. Coldwell has cured more people successfully from cancer than any other doctor on the planet.

I have met with various Medical Doctors; Naturopathic Doctors and I have visited Alternative Clinics and Wellness Centers that are treating peoples ailments at the root cause and not merely the symptoms.

I knew I would have to help my mom at some time in the future as cancer has a strong track record of reoccurring, especially when using chemo and radiation. And that it did, in 2009, she was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, this time it was Colon Cancer.

The majority of society doesn’t realize that Chemotherapy and Radiation actually cause cancer as they are carcinogenic. Those treatments administer heavy doses of nasty, poisonous harsh chemicals into your body destroying everything in their path, both good and bad.

The majority of chemotherapy drugs do nothing to eliminate cancer. In fact, chemotherapy helps promote cancer as the drugs administered are carcinogenic. There are certain types of drugs that kill specific cancers, you should know what they are before you or your family sign up for any kind of treatments.

Why destroy your body and leave yourself with a compromised immune system when you know up front that the chemo drug they are putting in your veins is doing nothing to kill cancer in your body. Ask questions and do research, I did and you need to as well!

The research and knowledge I gained led me to create Epigenetics and Nutrition, so I can help people from going through what my mother had to endure! There are far better, healthier options available and I introduce people to them.

Alternative Cancer Treatments Work At A Metabolic Level Challenging Cancer In A Way It Can’t Respond To

When we found out my mom was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer in 2009, this time colon cancer. We applied my knowledge and got her to an Alternative Cancer Clinic. Within two months, her tumor shrunk, she lost 50 lbs. and got down to her natural body weight!

She had no Arthritis in her hips and she was off of all of her “Meds”. Her high blood pressure was gone, and she no longer needed fluid pills.

My mother’s body was not harmed and she got her life back! She felt her strength increasing with each subsequent day of her alternative and natural treatments! This is the exact opposite of conventional treatments which destroy people. People look very sickly after each conventional treatment because it’s killing them.

The problems we are facing on a daily basis bombard our bodies with toxins and stress! When we combine that with the poor quality of processed foods that we are consuming, it’s no wonder we are losing the war on cancer.

And it’s not only cancer, diabetes will soon overtake cancer as the number one disease in the US. Heart disease and stroke are right there as well, and they are all growing in numbers.

You need to start taking control of your health and well-being! It starts and ends with you. I’m here to help you on your journey towards optimal living. My mother beat her cancer by eliminating the toxins and changing the acidic PH in her body to alkaline.

Her compromised immune system was strengthened and boosted and helped get her health back. Her suffering ended, and she is enjoying her life again even with everything she has been through.

Even if you haven’t been touched by cancer or a major life-threatening illness, you may live in fear of the thought getting it. I can help you turn that fear into confidence.

How would you like to no longer fear disease? I can help you live a more productive, fulfilling and satisfying life, a life filled with vitality! Epigenetics and Nutrition can show you how!

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Cheers to your Health!