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The word “cancer” strikes more fear in people than I think any other word in existence today, alternative cancer clinics can help relieve that fear! Why is it we fear cancer? I believe in large part it’s due to the 60 plus years of continuous societal brainwashing from the FDA, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the majority of Oncology Centers, our Educational system and the media. All of these institutions combined tell everyone the same message and that message is that you need the “Cut, Burn and Poison” method, better known as Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy to beat cancer.

Although Surgery can remove tumors, the strongest cancer cells from those tumors survive and live another day and look to form another cluster of cells and begin to build another tumor somewhere else in the body over time. Contrary to a doctor telling you “they got it all”, that just isn’t true and it’s quite impossible to get it all. Like I said, the strongest cells of that tumor break off and they are on the move long before the doctor finishes the surgery.

Then they get you on a schedule of radiation treatments and administer chemotherapy usually at the same time or overlapping in some cases. Now, one thing is absolutely true, radiation and chemotherapy do kill certain cancer cells.

However, they also kill vital living cells and destroy your immune system. Your immune system is your body’s ONLY natural defense system that God designed for us. It works perfectly well on its own when it’s not compromised and when you make smart and wise choices as far as nutrition and exercise.

If you destroy your body’s own natural defense system, disease has free reign and you will end up in dire straits. Most people don’t realize that by the time we are 50 – 60 years old, we have probably already fought off cancer once or twice without even knowing it, that’s your immune system doing what it’s supposed to do!

Another important fact that most people don’t realize is that radiation and chemotherapy by the very nature of what they are, synthetic, poisonous and DNA altering, actually cause cancer all on their own. So, although in some cases, not all, your chemotherapy may be killing some of the cancer cells, it can very well be the cause of why you develop cancer 5-10 years down the road.

These poisonous harsh chemicals are destroying you from the inside out! They don’t heal you, they leave a path of destruction that’s tough to recover from, that’s why people always looked “aged” and “frail” after these treatments. They are always tired and lack energy because their immune system is comprised and not working to protect them.

What you need to be doing is supporting and boosting your immune system, detoxing your body of these harsh chemicals, toxins, and metals and getting superior nutrition in your body every day while continuing to exercise. That is how you beat cancer and prevent it from ever coming back.

You heal your body at the root cause. Cancer doesn’t just happen, there’s a reason for it. It usually starts with poor nutrition, so if you’re lucky enough to get through your first bout of cancer and you don’t change your lifestyle and your nutritional intake, you’re just asking for more trouble and another bout of cancer. Poor nutrition is what got you here, your body is telling you to eat better, eat more nutritious whole food, you need to listen to your body!

Listen to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a cancer expert and one who has an incredible cancer cure rate from all his patients worldwide talk about how cancer can be cured within a matter of weeks!

Here’s the tremendous news after all this information I just shared with you above, you have CHOICES!!! You don’t have to succumb to these harsh, poisonous treatments that at best when undertaken extend your life by about 5%. That’s right 5%, all that pain and destruction for only 5%, really? When if you apply what I’m about to share with you, you can not only beat cancer, but you can live your life without fear of cancer. You can live a life of vitality, free of aches and pains and medications and really enjoy your life!

It’s so ironic that what God gave us that which protects us, heals us at the core is called “Alternative”. Alternative Cancer Clinics offer tremendous hope in getting your life back and yet they are viewed as the alternative, outside the norm, even radical???

To me, they are natural, pain free, safe and the only way to heal your body and beat cancer. I see it differently, I view the “conventional” treatments as radical treatments, the painful treatments, the needless destruction of one’s body. Hippocrates stated a long, long time ago “first do no harm to the body” and “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

Prescriptions are not medicine, they are synthetic drugs we have been conditioned into believing will “fix our problem or ailment”. When in actuality, “food” is our medicine! I helped save my mother’s life years ago from Colon Cancer. We beat it naturally, we did no harm to my mother’s body and it healed on its own by supporting her immune system.

We did this at an Alternative Cancer Clinic in Mesa, AZ called An Oasis of Healing founded and run by Dr. Thomas Lodi. Because I educated myself with knowledge and educated myself over the last 12 years, I didn’t fear cancer when we got the news about my mother’s colon cancer. I knew exactly what to do. Years ago when she was originally diagnosed with lung cancer followed six weeks later by brain cancer, I was scared to death and in total fear of this dreaded disease.

After eight weeks of treatments, my mom lost 50 lbs. and got down to her natural body weight safely by green juicing. She had intravenous vitamin C treatments, blood purification, exercise with oxygen, lymph massages, sauna’s, metal detoxing and the list goes on.

After every day of treatment, my mother was more vibrant, more full of life then the day before. It’s the exact opposite that I watched her go through 12 years earlier with her lung cancer and brain cancer treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. When she came home every day after her treatments depressed, exhausted, throwing up and losing her hair, I just knew there had to be a better way.

I helped my mom get off all of her medications. She had high blood pressure, fluid in her ankles, arthritis in her hips and she was taking antacids. She no longer requires any medication, her arthritis is gone and the fluid in her ankles has disappeared. We beat cancer naturally and she is enjoying her life once again without going through that agony that almost killed her 12 years earlier.

I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping people feel better and live life with more vitality than they ever thought possible. That’s why I’m providing four of the top Alternative Cancer Clinics in the US for you because you have a choice. Educate yourself and empower yourself, stop living in fear of disease. If you or a loved is in need of treatment for cancer, you owe it to you or that loved one to explore a better way of healing.

God bless!

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