Repair Damaged Teeth Naturally With New Technique

Repair damaged teeth naturally and never have your teeth drilled for cavities, is that possible? Yes, you can repair damaged teeth naturally! It’s possible with this new dental technique called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization (EAER). I get excited when I see natural advances in health, especially when it doesn’t involve drilling, surgery or cutting. This is very cool so…

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A Non Toxic Solution For Graying Hair

a non toxic solution for graying hairIf you’re looking for an alternative to nasty chemical dyes, there is now a non toxic solution for graying hair.

Are you tired of your gray hair but at the same time not willing to subject yourself to the petroleum based chemicals dyes? If you are, Hairprint is your answer, a non toxic solution for graying hair. A totally safe non-staining, non-smelling solution. Studies have shown that a number of the ingredients in typical hair colors and dyes contain carcinogens.

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How The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes

how the food you eat impacts your genesHow The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes And Why We Must Pay Attention To This.

Our progress in understanding human genes has been amazing and humbling. About 150 years ago, Gregor Mendel used pea plants to establish some rules of inheritance, and about 50 years ago, Watson and Crick described the double helix of DNA.

In 2003, the entire human genome was sequenced. Amazing! How the food you eat impacts your genes is revolutionary as it gives everyone a chance to attain true health. A person can actually reverse years of “damage done”.

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Pink Salt Nutritional Value Crushes Table Salt

pink salt nutritional valuePink salt nutritional value dwarfs plain old white table salt, the comparison isn’t even close!

I agree with Samantha Hart who wrote the article below. Pink salt is the hands down winner over processed white table salt. The pink salt nutritional value is not effected by the environment or chem trails as it is mined. It also contains essential minerals and trace minerals that are now nearly non-existent as a result of factory farming and the amount of chemicals used that rob nutrients and micronutrients from our soil.

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How True Health & Optimal Wellness Is Within Your Reach

The Path to True Health And Optimal Wellness

Your Genes Do Not Determine Your Destiny

How often have you been told that your genes determine your destiny? Well that’s not true and I would like to share with you my personal experience and how changing certain aspects in my family’s lifestyle, has helped me discover the path to true health & optimal wellness. Living a healthy lifestyle is a conscious decision to control external and internal factors that would otherwise lead to disease or death. Each one of us are at risk of some or other inherited genetic disease but that can now be controlled, we’ll talk about that later. For now just focus on this, your genes do not determine your destiny and true health & optimal wellness is within your reach!

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Fluoridegate Reveals The Truth Behind Fluoride Fraud


Fluoride Fraud Exposed In Documentary

Fluoride, a known toxic substance with irreversible side effects is still being pumped into our water supplies! Don’t you ever wonder why this is still the case when one can purchase toothpastes that contain fluoride? Why does the government knowingly want to force this toxic substance on its citizens? These and other facts are revealed in this powerful documentary, Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy, it is without a doubt, the truth behind fluoride fraud!

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