Your Environment and Epigenetics go hand in hand.

The food you eat is not the only factor that affects your epigenomes. Your environment can do a lot to determine which genes are expressed and which are not. While we can’t all escape the negative influences in the world around us, we can manipulate them in order to reduce the negative effect and increase the positive.

While it’s almost impossible to control the effects our environment has on our epigenetics, we can go a long way in controlling our “personal environment” and that’s what this Pillar is all about. To provide you with the resources it takes to take total control of the elements of your personal environment that effect your true health and optimal wellness. From a colon cleanse, to in home air filters, to the true story of what your personal hygiene and skin care products are really doing to you. Fasten your seat belt!

Environment and Epigenetics work in harmony with one and other and with some simple preparation and better choices you could be feeling better in a matter of days!

We have so many environmental issues that our body has to deal with in terms of protecting us; from airborne bacteria and viruses, to cell phone radiation (EMR – electro magnetic radiation) , to the seemingly safe body lotion that we use daily which happens to be loaded with toxins!! It’s easy to forget or even be aware of all that we subject our body every single day.

Not to worry, I have done the work for you. I have researched extensively total mind and body health & wellness for the past 12 years and this website is a showcase as a result of the trials and tribulations I went through. This is the best of the best the world has to offer in turning your health around starting today! Let’s get your environment and epigenetics working in your favor!

Everyone of the books, DVD movies, programs, food resources, etc, that I present to you I have personally used for myself, my family and my clients with amazing results to show for it and I continue to use them today. Environment and Epigenetics is a game changer for extending life and reducing or eliminating unwanted and unneeded diseases and illnesses.

Your environment and epigenetics can be used as a weapon against disease and illness by applying the simple lessons given in this Pillar and using the resources outlined.


By cleaning up and controlling your “personal environment” you dramatically lessen the stress load you put your body through and reduce the amount of environmental toxins in your home. By reducing the toxins your exposed to on a daily basis and following these steps in this Pillar you are also pulling toxins out of your body that have been stored there for years wreaking havoc on you internally causing all those aches and pains your feeling but not knowing why you’re feeling that way…

Environment Control

Regular Colon Cleanses, consistently using sauna’s and metal detoxes are the keys to both a healthy environment and epigenetics. This will allow your body to function at an optimal level and give you better epigenetic health. Without having to deal with all those toxins, you start to feel like yourself again and that is an amazing feeling that everyone wants and deserves!

What are you waiting for? Dive in and start implementing these pieces into your lifestyle and change your life and your health forever!