Contrary to what my mother’s oncologist said, nutrition has a vast effect on cancer and other diseases like it.

The best place to start is with what god provided for all of us, good old fruits and vegetables. Simply put, fruits and vegetables cover the broadest spectrum of a person’s daily epigenetic needs. They are without a doubt the best source of nutrition you can put in your body. A raw food diet can prevent and even reverse the majority of illnesses and diseases we all face in what has become the “Sickness Industry” in the US.

We are far from a Healthcare Society in the US which is a sad fact, quality nutrition is severely lacking. In the US, we treat people by handing them a prescription and if that doesn’t work, another prescription or unnecessary surgery or even worse, chemotherapy or radiation which destroys our bodies only natural defense system, our immune system.

It’s almost like we have forgotten as a society what the purpose of food is, which is to give us the nutrition we need on a daily basis, keep us feeling good, keep us functioning at an optimal level and to keep us from developing a disease. The growth of the processed and fast food industries, the addition of the microwave oven (don’t ever use a microwave oven to cook or heat food, it creates carcinogens which cause cancer) and the fast-paced elimination of the family farmer to the rapid explosion of Factory Farming, it’s no wonder every major disease in the US is on the rise.


Our bodies are amazing things, they are designed to survive, that’s their sole purpose. Unfortunately, we put them through so much that even those with strong immune systems eventually succumb to disease because of their dietary & lifestyle choices and nutritional deficiencies. People need to get back to nature when it comes to food and eat what the good lord intended us to eat real whole foods. That’s all the nutrition a person needs!

Here’s a great tip I learned a long time ago that guarantee’s quality nutrition. When shopping at the grocery store, shop on the perimeter of the store. That’s where the real whole food is, that’s where the produce is, the good stuff. Don’t shop in the center aisles, that’s where the packaged, processed food is that contains no nutritional value despite what the label says.

Hey, here’s a wild & crazy idea, how about we let food be food and use all the genius bio & geo-engineer brains concocting GMO’s (genetically modified organisms/food) to come up with other things instead… like ways to clean up the ocean, provide clean water to the whole world, implement agricultural techniques (organic ones) for the third world, learn how to maximize use of algae, etc..But hey, that’s a whole other story for another day.

To help get you started on your journey to better health and the reversal of virtually all major diseases including cancer, it all begins with quality nutrition, fruits, and vegetables. But not just any fruits and vegetables, they must be organic. Why organic you say versus conventionally grown because conventionally grown, although not necessarily different in nutritional value from organic foods, contain pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, which are various kinds of chemicals that cause cancer. So, why organic? Because they ensure that the whole food you are eating is not covered and saturated with poisonous, extremely harmful chemicals.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables ensures you are consuming pure nutrition, free of harmful chemicals!

Honestly, your body has enough to deal with, give it a break and eat organic, your body will thank you for it. And, when eating organic fruits and vegetables, don’t boil, steam and barbeque until there are no living enzymes left, eat them in the raw. Don’t know how to do that and have them taste great, well I have a great resource for you.

Kristen’s Raw is a great website loaded with wonderful resources to get you started on a journey to a better quality of life through better nutrition. Kristen breaks it down in very easy steps and even provides recipe books on how to get you going and enjoying much healthier and tastier food choices.