Like naturopathic doctors believe, we are not just a physical body. We have an emotional and spiritual side. There is also a social component to our nature that needs to be cultivated and protected. To achieve true wellness, a person need not only take care of their bodies, but their entire selves.

When you change your mind about your situation or life, you will start to see your situation in a new light. If you turn your mind to achieving a certain goal, that goal will come to you.

Broken down, the Law of Attraction can be taken in three steps:

  1. idealization
  2. visualization
  3. materialization

Idealization is determining exactly what you want.  Be specific.  Once you do that, then you visualize it.  You think about it and put emotion behind it.  Once you do those two things, it is time for the materialization.  That’s when the things you desire become true.

When you receive the things you want, it is important to be grateful and generous.  Nothing is worse than a grumpy, rich guy.

Remember, you attract what you are.  If you are a generous person, you may find that more resources will come your way to be generous with.  If you are grumpy and ungrateful, circumstances may conspire to make you grumpier.

Science shows us that being a spiritual person affects our health at a gene level. It has a lot to do with our overall wellness. If you look at people who are loners or tend to want to be by themselves, their health generally suffers. Conversely, if you look at people who love being around like minded people and sharing their life experiences, their epigenomes are much healthier as is their outlook on life. They have far less physical ailments to deal with.

To help you on your spiritual journey I have quite a menu for you to sample from and enjoy for years to come. All of these resources I have used and implemented in my life over the last 10 years and I’m a better, more grounded, more grateful person for it.

One small but very effective tip I can give you is to start a gratitude journal today. Every morning before you start your day or every evening before you go to bed, write just one thing in your life that you are truly grateful for, this will pay huge dividends for you. It will cause you to become more aware of things that perhaps you took advantage of in the past and you now see how meaningful they have been in your life and you appreciate them that much more.

You will naturally become a more grateful person and in turn you will be inviting more positive things into your life. Before you know it, you’re living the life you had intended and you realize it was just a shift in your mindset.

Remember, you mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.

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