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Breast Cancer Free In Just 8 Weeks

Breast Cancer Free In Just 8 Weeks

My name is Lorri M, I’m 60 years old, I’m from Napa, California and I want to explain how I became breast cancer free in just 8 weeks.

I was diagnosed, originally in 2013, with stage 2A breast cancer. And I went through the conventional treatment because I hadn’t done my research, had a bilateral mastectomy and full-blast chemo, and two years later, in 2015 of this year, I was diagnosed with a recurrence. This time it was more aggressive, inflammatory breast cancer, and it’s in my lymph nodes under both my arms.

Shown in this picture is Lorri and her husband Chris who is 60 years old as well and he came to An Oasis Of Healing to participate in this journey with Lorri in an effort to regain her health and quality of life.

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Bad Luck Vs Lifestyle Science Proving The Obvious

bad luck vs lifestyleBad luck vs lifestyle…Hooray!  Science is finally proving the obvious.

I had to share a post by Dr. Thomas Lodi on bad luck vs lifestyle as some of these scientific conclusions can seem so ridiculous at times. It’s almost like common sense is ignored completely. Progress is being made and key individuals are stepping up getting the truth to come to the surface and it’s encouraging! Enjoy this read.

A recent study published in Nature entitled “Substantial contribution of extrinsic risk factors to cancer development,” not only successfully rebutted the absurd claim that biology and “disease” originate and are managed by the capricious nature inherent in the cell but, best of all, brought this madness into the public arena.

There is light being shed on the common sense understanding that cellular activity occurs in response to the environment.

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The Healing Appetite Is About To Launch

the healing appetiteThe film documentary, the Healing Appetite, will clearly show the potential of the human body to heal itself given the right conditions.

I wanted to comment on this article by Dr. Thomas Lodi. I believe this film, The Healing Appetite is gong to be a game changer for people across the globe who are seeking true health. This film will get them on the correct path. Dr. Lodi is one of the featured health experts interviewed in the documentary and you can watch the trailer for the movie below.

Attribution link – http://drthomaslodi.com/the-healing-appetite-true-health/

In the opening of this wonderful film I’m quoted as saying “the problem with the human race is that it doesn’t think it’s part of nature”. We need to shift this way of thinking as it’s incredibly destructive.

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The Reason The War On Disease Will Never Be Won

war on diseaseThe war on disease is a losing battle for one reason: it is predicated on erroneous reasoning.


Well, take the world’s # 1 killer, cancer, for example. Let’s look at the war on disease as written by Gerard A. Murphy on the Elephant Journal.

Over the past 40 years research scientists in this field have made considerable strides in treating and curing this disease. The rub: Chasing down a cure for a disease that genetically mutates and complexifies in the blink of an eye, is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

You’re back to the drawing board at a relentless pace.

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A Raw Foods Diet Overcomes Brain Cancer

raw foods dietIt is true, you are what you eat and Megan Sherow with her raw foods diet put that to the test in overcoming brain cancer!

Yes, you read that correctly and I have Megan’s video testimonial below for you to hear firsthand. As I was listening to Megan
it reminded me why my family and I went to a raw food diet. Now, although it is our wish to eventually get to 100% raw, today it represents
about 40-50% of our total diet, the rest being vegan / vegetarian.

However, I don’t like labels and being put in a box. We eat and live a healthy lifestyle, period. We eat “whole foods” sometimes raw, sometimes
cooked. We stay away from the center aisles in Whole Foods and shop on the perimeter. Whether they are organic chips or candy made with real cane sugar, they are still sugar and chips and not good for you if a healthy lifestyle is what you desire.

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Did Carl June Just Deliver A Knockout Blow To Cancer?

Carl JuneI just got through reading this incredible story of inspiration and hope in the battle against cancer all because of one man’s persistence and belief, that man is Carl June!

I’m just reposting the entire story here by Jason Fagone in the Philadelphia Magazine. Prepare to have some adrenaline coursing through your veins after reading this, oh my! Enjoy.

Walter Keller had nearly lost his battle with leukemia when he went to Penn’s Carl June and his group of researchers for a radical new cancer treatment. What happened next may change medicine forever.

What’s your full name?
Where are you?
What month is it?
What day of the week is it?

Walter Keller tried to speak, but no words came out, only a dry rasp. The man asking the questions had dark, close-cropped gray hair and a kind, level gaze.

Eventually the man left the room. Walt wriggled up in his bed. Someone put a hand on his shoulder and pressed him gently back into the mattress. 

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