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How The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes

how the food you eat impacts your genesHow The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes And Why We Must Pay Attention To This.

Our progress in understanding human genes has been amazing and humbling. About 150 years ago, Gregor Mendel used pea plants to establish some rules of inheritance, and about 50 years ago, Watson and Crick described the double helix of DNA.

In 2003, the entire human genome was sequenced. Amazing! How the food you eat impacts your genes is revolutionary as it gives everyone a chance to attain true health. A person can actually reverse years of “damage done”.

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Why Are People Reactive versus Proactive When it Comes to Their Health?

Quality Nutrition
Healthy versus Obese

It’s astonishing to me at how many people eat processed food which lacks any kind of quality nutrition, do not exercise, rely on medications to alleviate their aches and pains and then wonder why their health is in jeopardy!

This is in fact the “perfect storm” leading to a health crisis. It is only a matter of time until their bodies will start to break down, some sooner than others, as everyone’s immune system is different and how that relates to their overall state of health. Our bodies are amazing creations! They are designed to survive at all costs that is until they just can’t deal with the lack of quality nutrition & what we put them through and disease sets in.

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