True Health & Optimal Wellness

Don’t Let Your Genetics Hold You Back

Take Control of Your Health and Optimal Wellness

Overcome Cancer, Disease, and Sickness & Lead a More Fulfilling Life!

We’ve all been told that our genetics determine our destiny. Our susceptibility to sickness, our overall health, our wellness – sometimes we think it’s all dictated by our genes.

Well, it isn’t. And don’t let yourself fall into that trap.

The “True Health & Optimal Wellness” ebook can help you heal your body at the root cause and show you how to live disease-free. You can build and support your immune system so disease never has a chance.

A thriving life full of vitality is possible, and it’s never too late.


A Critical Truth in the Science of Genetics

Genes play an essential role in many aspects of our lives – from how we look to our height to intelligence, basically our optimal wellness!

But, that’s not the whole story.

While we have genes in our bodies that are unchangeable, we also have epigenomes. These are cellular materials that can affect whether or not a particular gene expresses itself. For example, you may have a gene that says that you have a high likelihood of a certain disease. But, the epigenome may turn that gene off . . . meaning you never develop that disease.

“True Health & Optimal Wellness” examines epigenetics. It shows you how to leverage this science to become healthier, stronger, and disease-free.

Let me walk you through a review of my Ebook right here;

“What Russ is providing for you in the book is priceless. When you decide to take control of your health and wellbeing and begin to implement these things in this book, you can dramatically slow down the aging process, live with vitality, and extend your lifespan for you and your family. At the same time, you can now reverse your years of disability and go out on your own terms.”

– Raul Velez, D.C., Baystate Musculoskeletal Center P.C., Lowell, MA


A Glimpse Inside

True Health & Optimal Wellness” gives you a roadmap to living a stronger, healthier life. The book explores four key areas that can affect 70% of your epigenetic layer:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Environment
  3. Social & Spiritual Life
  4. Exercise

To learn how these crucial elements can restore your vitality, download the book today!

See the complete story of my ebook The Path to True Health and Optimal Wellness based on the science of epigenetics here in this video;


A Note from the Author

My name is Russ Curran. I’m a Health and Wellness Expert, Author, Coach, and CEO of Look Within a health and wellness company. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Kathy, and we are blessed with our wonderful daughter, Sofia.

My life’s purpose is to coach and mentor others to achieve optimal wellness and help them prevent a disease from ever happening. If a disease is a part of your life, then you’re in the right place. Each chapter in this book is geared toward naturally reversing your condition without pain, extending your lifespan, and reducing your years of disability.

The last decade of my life has been dedicated to researching cancer and how to overcome it naturally. In 2000, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. They cut out ¾ of her right lung and gave her chemotherapy and radiation treatments that destroyed her immune system and left her with no short-term memory. That was when I decided to do something.

I dedicated myself to finding better ways to treat the human body. In 2009, my mother again was diagnosed with cancer; this time it was colon cancer. We applied the knowledge I had gained and admitted her into an alternative cancer clinic. Within two months, her tumor shrunk, she lost 50 pounds, had no arthritis in her hips, and was off of her meds. Her high blood pressure was gone, and she no longer needed fluid pills. We did no harm to my mother’s body, and she got her life back!

That’s why I wrote this book. I’m here to help and guide you through the complete process of restoring your vitality and achieving your optimal wellness. You don’t have to suffer, but you do have to commit to taking control of your health.

No one else will do it for you . . . not your family, not your friends, not the majority of doctors, and certainly not the government. I can guide you through the process of becoming healthy and help you get on a path to optimal wellness.

I can say with complete confidence and personal proof that by implementing these steps into your life, you will turn back the clock and look and feel younger than you ever have.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Your Friend in Wellness,

Russ Curran

“If you use and add into your lifestyle half of what Russ is giving you here in his book, you will dramatically increase your health and total well being. He was responsible for getting me off my addiction to ?Red Bull, cleaning up my diet and getting the world’s best nutrition in my body. I’m a 45 year old and I can honestly say I feel like I did in my early twenties.”

– James LaFleur, Boston, MA


“Russ has provided me and my family with some life changing practices and products that have turned my health around and now has me excited for the future and new possibilities. He broke it down for me in very simple steps and it made that much easier to incorporate into my life.”

– Scott Long, San Diego, CA