Whole House Air Purifier

It is not only important to purify your water, but also the air you breath and that’s why a whole house air purifier is so important.

The toxins we breathe in can accumulate in our system and can contribute to the general feeling of being unwell.  Since these are toxins, our bodies will try to get rid of them.  But if the body is constantly trying to clean up a mess, it may be less efficient at doing the other things it was designed to do.

FACT: Air pollution is a serious problem — especially inside your home! The EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. The EPA also reports that indoor air can be up to one hundred times more polluted than the air outside. One hundred times! You think a whole house air purifier might help here?

Indeed, an air filter may come with a price that could take away a large chunk from your bank account. This could be a reason why some people are apprehensive about getting one for their home. Another reason is that some are still unconvinced that it actually works. The good news is, it actually does. The sad part is that people do not notice the benefit of having an air filter. It is often neglected or taken for granted by most people. As a matter of fact, only a handful would attribute their freedom from allergies to the efficiency of their home air filter.

Air filters have notable long-term benefits. People in the city stay indoors to keep themselves away from outdoor pollution. What they don’t realize is that pollution can permeate indoors and worse, air pollution can also originate indoors! Here are the main benefits of a whole house air purifier:

Whole Home Air Purification

A Whole House Air Purifier Produces Cleaner Air For Your Respiratory System

This is the main benefit of air purifiers. Some people have been skeptical about the air purifier’s contribution in making the air cleaner but it really works. One shouldn’t expect immaculately clean air but it really reduces the pollution. Quality filters can take away more than 90% of pollutants from the air. They will remove bacteria, germs, molds, odors, and viruses. You can also trust them to remove chemical fumes that are very toxic to your respiratory system. They greatly reduce the chances of contracting respiratory diseases.

Reduced allergies

Air purifiers also have a welcome spot in a household with inhabitants that are sensitive to allergens. Most allergens are airborne and air filters do a great job in sucking in all the allergens to keep the air clean. It’s important to eliminate them because allergies can range from mild to severely life-threatening. Air filters clear the air and the humidity. Houses with pets can also use filters to eliminate pet dander, a leading cause of allergies.

Reduced Odor with a Whole House Air Purifier

There are some aromas that are unwanted indoors. It could just come from one source or sometimes, a combination of odors make one nasty odor that just has to be eliminated. Air purifiers also suck out unwanted odor from several gases, aside from solid particles. Kitchens can even make use of air purifiers to eliminate unwanted smell from cooking and outdoor air that may contaminate food.

A Whole House Air Purifer Allows You To Sleep Soundly!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Bedroom conditions can also be improved with a whole house air purifier. Relaxation and sleep take place in the bedroom and its very hard to get some sleep when you’re breathing the polluted air around you. It’s also dangerous to go to sleep with possible toxic gases circulating in the bedroom because they are doing damage while you are asleep. Even if you have an air conditioner with a filter at home, it’s best to get a separate air filter to clean the air in your sanctuary.

Hopefully, the listed benefits would have already convinced you to install a whole house air purifier. When you’re choosing an air purifier, you have to consider the space it’s going to be in. For instance, air purifiers in the kitchen can benefit from gas phase filters since odor from cooking ingredients is a big problem in the kitchen.

Mechanical filters are better at attracting larger particles than electronic filters. There are also filters that come with additional features. For example, a mechanical filter can come with an odor removing system. That way, you don’t have to get another air filter for odor removal.

One of the prettiest and perhaps cheapest whole house air purifier is an indoor plant.  Plants can remove airborne toxins and replace it with good, old oxygen. Also, another whole house air purifier which is also very inexpensive and with a calming glow is with a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

There are also very good mechanical whole house air purifiers available on the market.  I have done the research and recommend these!